GRID POET CONTEST: submit your poems for publication

We are actively looking for original GRID POEMS to publish on this website and in an upcoming print anthology.



  • Poems should generally follow the THE RULES OF GRID POETRY.
  • There are very few requirements:
    • There is no requirement for a set number of lines in the poem.
    • There is no requirement for a maximum or minimum or exact number of words per line.
    • There is no requirement for a prescribed number of syllables.
    • There is no requirement for number of columns.
    • There is no requirement for how many words need to be in a column.
    • There do not need to be words in every individual cell. In fact, with most GRID POEMS you'll probably find a number of empty cells.
    • Columns do not have to all have equal width. Column widths usually vary with the number of letters and words in the cells.
    • The last words of lines in a GRID POEM do not need to follow any set rhyme scheme, and the poems do not need to even feature any rhyme at all.
    • There are no requirements regarding punctuation, capitalization, bolding, or italicizing words.
    • There are no requirements regarding font, or left/right/center alignment of the words within cells.
  • The three things to try to achieve:
    1. Repetition of words and phrases between rows.
    2. Grid lines to group the repetitive patterns.
    3. Write it so each row is read across, the same as a normal sentence would be read.
  • Poems should be presented in the "grid" format as closely as possible. If you have to hand-draw the grid lines, or otherwise indicate their position, that is fine. Winning poems will be professionally typeset for publication.
  • Submit your entry by email.
  • You may enter as many times as you want, and may win multiple times.
  • You may enter pieces that have won other contests or have been previously published -- in fact, we encourage you to enter pieces that you have self-published, as a way to promote your book or blog.
  • GRID POETRY will publish the winning poems online and/or in print or e-book anthologies, but you retain full ownership of your work, and you may publish it elsewhere or submit it to other contests as you wish.



  • Just as there are no entry fees, there are no cash prizes.
  • The intention is that all winning GRID POEMS will be printed in one or more print anthologies, such as a paperback book and possibly an e-book. The winning GRID POETS will be credited as contributing authors of the book(s). The intention is to offer the anthologies for sale on Amazon.com and via other retailers as much as possible.
  • Each winning poem will be featured on the GRID POETRY website for a period.
  • Winning poems may be promoted via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • In both the printed book and on the website, each winning GRID POET will be given a spot to promote his or her own blog or website, plus the book or blog the winning poem came from, if desired.
  • Each winning poet will receive one free copy of any printed anthology containing his or her work.
  • Each winner will also get bragging rights: he or she will be able to add "Award Winning Poet" or "Award Winning Author" as part of their bio.



  • Send one poem per email message to: GRIDPOETRY@SCHULTHEISS.NET.
  • The poem may be typed in the body of the email, or attached as a PDF, Microsoft Word document, text file, or a JPG, GIF, or PNG image file. Please send each poem in a separate email.
  • There is no need to include full name, source of the poem, or biographical information with the initial entry, we will contact all winners for full bios and promotional information after determining the winners.
  • It seems some contests aim to be strict, rules-oriented, and exclusive. The goal of the GRID POET contest is exactly the opposite. We want to be inclusive, and collect as many high-quality GRID POEMS from as many high-quality GRID POETS as possible. If you're not sure if your poem qualifies, or if you're having trouble formatting it, CONTACT US and we'll be happy to help you with your poem.



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each individual GRID POEM is property of and copyright by the GRID POET who authored it.